Presence: body, weight, breath

The body is the exact space which our Self occupies: it is what represents ourselves in the most accurate way and through which we can express ourselves more effectively.

The weight, ours and that of what surrounds us, is the manifestation of this body’s force, namely of this Self. To relate with this, it means to-support-us to-support-the-other; to sustain the other, to bear the other, to feel her weight, it means to consider her existence.

Dance is born from a crisis of the balance, when the weight manifests itself independently from our will.

With this premise, dance reveals itself as a strategy of acceptance: to let go and to show that margin of the Grace, which comes from above, rules any force and cannot spring from our will.

“The freedom of not controlling is the true power”

Breath is the medium between our body’s motions and what we place into its borders. Breath’s control is the ancient method to reach the chaotic flow of our thoughts in order to impose the necessary silence to attain concentration and presence.

Through the practice of different techniques and disciplines such as yoga, dance, circus, we will get in touch with further possibilities of communication and presence.

The workshop is open to absolutely everyone and its aim is to build the basis for a bodily awareness, which can stay with us forever, no matter what path that we have followed or the techniques that we practice.


circus disciplines: juggling, verticality, acrobatics.

harmonic movement’s principles: Argentinean tango, butō dance, yoga/pranayama.

basic stage presence: the Neutral.

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