Yoga and theatre. The pursuit of Union

Yoga is one of the six orthodox systems of Indian’s philosophy. The aim of Yoga is to encourage the union of the individual (Atman) with the universal (Brahman): a collective consciousness which belongs to every existence.

To be able to achieve this union, the first step to fulfil is the gradual detachment from the personalities that we play in daily life, in order to recognise the true nature of the Self.

This research belongs deeply to the path of the actor and the dancer: the possibility of transformation on stage depends on the capacity to “give away” one’s identity and to adsorb that of the played character.

Compagnia Oxymoron follows a method based on traditional teachings to succeed in reconciling an extreme theatre experimentation with the most ancient techniques for the pursuit of freedom.


two classes of Asana (body postures)

two classes of Pranayama (breath’s control techniques)

Shatkarma (body’s purification techniques)

Dharana (visualisation and concentration exercises)

Philosophical conversations

Study of stage presence

Acrobatic for theatre 

Individual and collective improvisations

Vocal techniques 

Personal tutorial for the individual practice 

The workshop is intensive and residential and will happen in a natural environment. 

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